Senin, 30 Maret 2009

Maxim Cover Story - Imelda Therinne


Her World Magazine

Fashion Editor: Ferdy Thaeras
Makeup artist: Donny Liem
Model: Olesya
Wardrobe & Accessories: Aigner, Calvin Klein, Diane Von Furstenberg, Dior, Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Tod's

Minggu, 29 Maret 2009


Couldn't be happier when I see my work appeared in three different magazines this month: cover story and photo spread for Maxim, fashion spread for Her World and a special project for Esquire. I'll upload the images right after this.

Minggu, 08 Maret 2009

Bazaar Wedding Exhibition

I know this posting is long overdue and should be done a day after the exhibition. But I had a shoot for Maxim the day after the exhibition, had a photo trip in Singapore, got home for a day then headed to Lombok for a couple shoot, continued to Surabaya to extend my passport then finally got back home yesterday. The exhibition was a great success and beyond my high expectation. Trust me, I have high expectation and it exceeded them all. Can't wait to participate the same event for next year :)